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Hello There :slight_smile:

Welcome to Our Recruitment Advert for the Alliance. We are a Old alliance that has recently been passed to our CEO to bring up and Run, Therefore we are currently recruiting Active PVP Corporations to come and join in the fun that we have as a Alliance.

We are based in Black Rise Low sec, and Do everything from gate camps to Black ops, and our Main Focus is Black ops and Capital Scale Fights. We are a new alliance and so we are currently focusing on growth and Development, as-well as getting some infrastructure set up for the Alliance to use.

We have as Non-Mandoritory Rule, which means that all of the Alliance fleets are not compulsory, so if you dont want to join one, You dont have to. We just ask that everyone is in the standing fleet, you do not have to be flying with us however.

We are currently focused on growing the Black Ops Side of our alliance, And so we are looking for Mostly black ops PVP Corporations, But we are looking for Normal PVP Corporations aswell. If you need to ask anymore Information then feel free to Mail me and i will be happy to Respond.

Requirements for Corporations:

  • Be active in PVP and Happy to join fleets every now and again.
  • More than 5 Members and follow alliance Recruitment Rules once you have joined.
  • Be able to use Teamspeak 3, Aswell as have Discord installed for Pings.
  • Understand that if you want to Anchor Structures you must first inform the Leadership so that we can help to defend it if needed.

Extra Information:

  • As Mentioned, Alliance Recruitment rules are in Place, These arent strict in the slightest and don’t dictate minimum SP levels, they are just some ways to keep spies out.
  • All Corporations Must Supply a API Key upon Application to the Alliance.
  • Alliance Fees are in place to Cover both the Alliance SRP Funding and the Corporation Tax’s that the Alliance has to pay.

Some Links for you to use:


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Bumping up

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Hey, i am a returning player.

I was originally played eve online back to 2005 in China server. A few years late they change a different agent which i hate most. So i quiet and move to global server in 2013. I played in highSec for about two year and then got afk from 2015. Now i just came back to the game like two weeks ago.

Everything has been changed. So i might need a lot help to understand the game again but i am an old player like i said i wont do any stupid thing. I am active pvp players and have a character with about 4m skill points. I also got a super clear cor history.

So, hopefully i can join you guys.

Fly safe!

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Drop a message into our recruitment channel :slight_smile:

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whats the recruitment channel?

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CPOS Recruitment

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