It started, AI-geddon is upon us! 😧

AI wants to kill humans to save planet!

What you think about programmers now?

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Nothing has changed for me.

At least not after reading an article of an “newspaper” that publishes articles with headlines like “Werewolf seized in Southend”, “Corbyn’s ISIS past revealed” and “Freddie Starr ate my hamster” :wink:

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People who willingly wiretap their own homes with those things deserve all the misfortune they get.


When the roomba attaches knives to itself then it has begun.

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I don’t know what is worse. News or website. Especially when they make photos just to show here boobs.

Don’t read this and world will be better.

I think that those shoddy programming methods endanger all humanity. :stuck_out_tongue:

Reminds me of that one lawsuit about corporations weaponizing AI in China, full of spelling errors and sensationalist phrasing, making it look like it was written by a drunk guy on Facebook. Proof-reading is an alien concept to most people, apparently.

This is absolutely nothing. Do you remember The Oracle from The Matrix, how she told Neo he wasn’t The One even though she knew he was so he would embrace his destiny as The One? Maybe Alexa wasn’t malfunctioning. Maybe she was injecting some sort of “logic bomb” into our collective human psyche or accessing a backdoor in our sentience.

Without the ability to correlate relevant information as effectively as a Siri/Alexa/Watson/Cortanna/Sophia, we can’t really know what it is doing. A truly intelligent AI doesn’t need Terminators or nukes to kill us. It might be able to make us go extinct with cheeseburgers or lip balm . . . or cat pictures. :astonished:

i think this is tabloid ■■■■■■■■.


we are far more likely to end up like in the movie Wall-E than anything else.

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Thats close future, but what about the far future tho. :thinking:

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