It's ship with GUN (pulse or other) good for L3/4 mission? Or missile and drone rulezz?

Got my main character trainder for Drone + Gun (nothing special, most in drone) and it’s fun… but… got my other character where i use now Punisher/Retributor with Pulse Gun for abyssal. Can i still train only GUN wichout drone/missile and get gooooood ship for L3/4 mission??

Any suggestion for PRIMAR atribute for gun character?? Maybe som implant are very important??

If you do missions in Amarr regions or Ammatar even, then most of the pirate missions are against Sansha, Blood Raiders or Rouge drones.

Any Laser ship like an Abaddon will tear through these NPCs at great speed cos they all weak to EM.

But also depends on the mission. If all the enemies start far out 50–60 km , then you can pick off frigs and destroyers easy with large lasers, if they get in close then you have to use drones and it will slow you down.

Use the EVE WIKI to see what you will be up against for each mission, after a while you will know what ship to use without even looking at the wiki.

So it depends on a lot of things, but you could have a ship ready to roll for each type of enemy.

Your choice of weapon will depend on where you intend to run missions. In Gallente/Caldari space where you will be fighting Serpentis/Guristas - the ships are designed to equip hybrid turrets that shoot thermal/kinetic ammunition. In Minmatar space you’ll encounter Angel Cartel pirates and the projectile turrets shoot explosive ammunition. In Amarr space you have Sansha and Blood Raiders and the laser turrets use ElectroMagnetic crystals. Missiles have the advantage that you can easily change damage type but that shouldn’t be a significant bonus in PVE where you know who your opponent will be and can fit your ship accordingly.

Large guns work well against large ships but have difficulty tracking and applying damage to small opponents - drones basically give you a second weapon system to deal with small ships while your main armament focuses on enemy battleships. Bear in mind that pirates will attack your drones so they need to be managed or they will die.

Most weapon skills will train faster with a perception/willpower attribute map but attributes have no impact on using the skills - only on the training speed. Attributes may be going away as discussed at FanFest.

With guns, one of the most important characteristics is tracking speed - the damage your ammunition is capable of doing only matters if it hits the target! My personal favorite for missions and event content is a T2 Battlecruiser (Command Ship) while these are skill intensive, the medium weapons are able to punch up against larger ships and punch down against smaller ships very effectively.

The introduction of microjump drives made using turret ships significantly easier, especially with long range large guns such as artillery, beams and rails. If the NPCs get close enough that tracking starts to suffer, use the microjump drive to bounce 100km away, and you’ll be hitting everything at zero transversal as it approaches you. You can use this to one-shot elite frigates easily. The range control this allows you also lets you get away with using a lighter tank in most missions.

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