I've got red on my killboard, and I'd like to wipe it out

But can I? Can I wipe out that much red?

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Yes, biomass the character and get a new char.


You have to train ‘good’ to 5 and ‘good’ specialization to 4 at least. :thinking:


Inb4 lock

Stop caring about kill boards and it won’t matter.


Everything is possible

Yes, buy skill extractors, remove skills, biomass, make new toon, inject skills.

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But ofcourse you can. Just get some of this stuff, use your fingers on your monitor and it’ll all be gone soon enough.

You can have any colour you want. Here, I’ve made it pink just for you…


Stop caring about killboard, if anything red is better cause people underestimate you. You’ll have way more fuuuun

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Easy! You just have to buy a Red Killboard Material Wiping Permit Certificate™ for only 1500 :credit_card: PLEX or equivalent ISK from a fellow Killboard Supervisor Agent™. :wink:

Try drinking some bleach

This comment isn’t funny if that’s how you meant it my friend.

Come on. Everybody knows a ‘pinkboard’ isn’t a thing.

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Not sure what you were going for here, but please no trolling, which is clear is the intent with the clip. Closing.

Thank you.