JabberWock Mining and Industry is recruiting!

Hey Fred!

Awesome! We’d be happy to bring you on board! If you have any further questions about who we are please feel free to Eve Mail me and I’ll respond when I can.

If not go ahead and drop us an application and someone will send you an invite when we can.


Hey Adreland!

If you have any questions just let me know!

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting

I would like to join.

I sent you guys an in game mail several days ago.

I’m so sorry I missed your Eve Mail Serwin. I’ve had some RL stuff and asked members for some updates on projects and it must have been buried in that. I hope you can understand my mistake.

I’ve sent you a reply. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Still recruiting!

Still doing that recruiting thing!

Still recruiting!

Still doing that recruiting thing.

Man I’ve been at this for awhile lol

AND we’re still recruiting.

Still doing that recruiting thing.

Probably going to do this forever.

More and more have joined. You should too!

Still recruiting!

The first battle for our home took place last night and we successfully defended it.

The battle of Funky Town was a sight to behold.

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We’re temporarily suspending recruitment during the war. We’ll see you on the other side!

Aaaaand we’re opening up recruitment again.

War is still on going but, it’s safe in JabberWock. We’ve separated one of the corps from the alliance to fight in it.

Here’s the battle report from our most recent fight: