JabberWock Mining and Industry is recruiting!

Sending you an Eve Mail shortly!

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We’re still recruiting!

We’re still doing that recruiting thing.

Hey atin Calbur, I was wondering if you would take me on I was looking to get back into eve and I have my own orca ready and outfitted I haven’t played in about a year or so but would like to join

Sending an Eve Mail now!

Almost 200 members now!!

Hey there! I’m really new at the game and wanted to focus mainly in what your group does, I was wondering if you accepted people new who only have a grasp at the basic of the game

We sure do!

Hello! I’m a returning player that ran mostly solo last time I played and am now looking for a group of mining buddies to do mining ops and just relax with. I really am only interested in high sec stuff for now. I can’t fly a barge but i have a Orca setup for high yield mining with drones with some boost abilities. I just resubbed to Omega today. Are you guys still recruiting?