Jaded. (C4) The Story of a Wormhole Corp

Jaded. has a long history of living in W-Space.

After a long break from Eve, Jaded. Is back!!! We are rebuilding with returning vets. We are seeking out old and new players alike.

Our short term plan is to grow our member base.

Our long term plan is to become a dominant force in w-space once again!! And we need YOUR help!


-Discord community membership. (Our community is multi-gaming)
-Experienced leadership
-WH Mapping tools and instruction
-PvP focused but we PVE make money
-Secure roles and Citadels for all, to protect corp members’ assets from thieves
-Active members in EU, US, AUS timezones
-Training for people new to wormholes

-Discord use
-Tripwire use
-Ambition to learn and adapt
-Background check
-Knowledge of using probes and scanning
-A character that can fly a t2 fit tech 3 cruiser or faction cruiser/hac
-PvP or wormhole experience
-Talented noobs or bored vets
-Armor and shield skills are a must


Contact: Zechariah Bragg

Recruiting Channel: We’re Bad

Public channel: Jaded. Pub


We are always recruiting.

How are we doing? need a corp?

Good Morning time to apply?

I have my coffee time to recruit!!!

Im here all night ladies and gents

Good eve ladies and gents recruiting is live


online for recruits

Hey recruits!

Recruiting today

Recruiting all day!!

Time to join!!!

hey we are live…are YOU?

Recruitment all day

US/AU bois lets gooo!!

Recruitment is fun…yah…:frowning:

Good afternoon!

Recruiting today as always

still here