Jaded. The story of a Wormhole Corp

Hey, I’m Zech, the CEO of Jaded.

I’m looking for quality individuals to sign up with me and my Corp.

Jaded. has a long history of living in W-Space.
After a long break from eve I have returned to rebirth my beloved corporation. We are starting fresh with a few returning vets.

Our short term plan is to grow our member base.

Our long term plan is to become a dominant force in w-space once again!! And we need YOUR help!


-Discord community membership. (Our community is HUGE WITH ROOM TO GROW)

-Experienced leadership

-WH Mapping tools and instruction

-PvP focused but not 24/7 pvp roams, we make money too or die trying

-Secure roles and Citadels for all, to protect corp members’ assets from thieves

-Active members in US, AUS timezones (why the hell is it so hard to recruit EURO"S?)

-Training for people new to wormholes


-Discord use

-Tripwire use

-Ambition to learn and adapt

-Background check

-Knowledge of using probes and scanning

-Active during US, AUS tz

-A character that can fly a t2 fit tech 3 cruiser or faction cruiser/hac

-Some pvp or wormhole experience

-Talented noobs or bored vets

-Armor and shield skills are a must

Elitist pricks, and ‘internet tough guys’ are not wanted, go away.


Contact: Zechariah Bragg

Recruiting Channel: We’re Bad

Public channel: Jaded. Pub

I removed an inappropriate statement. Please watch your choice of words in these posts.

Ready for recruiting.

Hey, we are looking for you!!!

Time to join the future