Jamyl Syndicate Alliance is looking for corporations to join us

We are a small alliance that operations out of null-sec, specifically the Providence Region. We are apart of the provibloc coalition and work closely with the residents of the region including CVA, AFK, TSOE, APOC and the rest that reside here.

We operate under the NRDS (Not Red Don’t Shoot) rules of engagement.

As an alliance, a bulk of our corporations are industry based with a couple corporations who organize offensive and defensive operations against providence hostiles.

Outside of these operations, corporations are welcome to make use of any of the alliance structures within our home system. We have monthly alliance dues that go towards the building of new doctrine hulls and fits for our pvpers to use during their engagements and also the SRP program. We are not a sov holding alliance and therefore have the ability to move freely within providence region and other regions within eve. We are looking for corporations that wish to be apart of an alliance that strives to build something together as a group and learn from each other to better our players and each corporation within the alliance.

Benefits of Joining:

  • Alliance Teamspeak
  • Alliance Discord
  • Access to Intel Channels
  • Coalition Comms
  • Access to Regional Jump Bridge Network
  • Multiple PVP fleets from small to large scale.
  • Regional Community
  • Experienced Alliance Leadership
  • Various Tools at your disposal
  • SRP Program
  • Buyback Program
  • Alliance Market
  • Freight Services
  • Learning Environment

Required for Joining:

  • Follow NRDS Rules of Engagement
  • Follow Provibloc Rules
  • Join Alliance Comms for interview
  • Fly with alliance for 2 weeks
  • FULL CEO and Corporation API key
  • Corporate Leadership List

If interested in Joining please join Jamyl Diplo’s Office in-game channel or mail Aeros Ranger

Jamyl Syndicate Discord | Jamyl Syndicate Website