Nullsec new/alpha player friendly corp

North Geopulse Exploration holds strong ties as a new and growing corp alongside large alliances such as TSOE, SLA, and CVA in providence, Nullsec. We are primarily a mining/industry corp which also engages in fleet defense PVP on a daily basis. Searching for mature individuals as possible recruits who value loyalty, making isk, and (above all) enjoying the game the way that you want to play it. We as a corporation and alliance value our assets of which the most important one is our pilots.
Teamspeak is a requirement for ease of command as well as to get to know who we’re flying with.
We have a full perks and buyback program which can be utilized at will. Never worry about auction times because we’re willing to buy it within a 24 hr timeframe.
We’re all here to enjoy the game. Don’t let others tell you how to do that. A corporation should compliment and assist its members to earn loyalty. If you have an industry mindset and enjoy jumping into PVP at your leisure (fleets are always up) then look us up.
New players:
PLEASE lookup CVA rules before submitting an application. Providence is not your average Nullsec and you cannot enter the region to just start killing anyone.

Still recruiting. Best method of contact is by evemail or join the recruit channel NGeoX Recruit. We like to speak verbally via Teamspeak ahead of time to ensure a good fit.

Still looking for good people for mining, industry, PVP, and good conversation. PVP roams ahead this week. Come talk to the alliances in Teamspeak and see if we’re a good fit for you.

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