Join The Saraki Group today!

Join The Saraki Group today!

The Saraki Group is a proud member of CVA and the Provibloc Community. As stewards of NRDS (not red don’t shoot) we treat all neutrals to the region as possible allies and friends, as long as they follow Providence rules. Operating during the EU and US time zones, we offer members the ability to be a part of one of the most active regions in the game. Opportunities abound including massive fleet battles, daily small gang fleets, constant roaming content and plenty of PVP engagements.

When you want a break from PVP, we offer an expansive Industrialist backbone with weekly moon mining as well as fully equipped Capital, Sub-capital and Reaction facilities. If exploration is your thing, take advantage of all the anomalies high ADM systems offer.

You are new to the game? No problem! We have experienced players willing to help get you set up and pointed the right direction with free entry level doctrine combat and mining ships.

-Rare ores via Null Sec moon mining on a weekly basis

  • Our own structures for Null Sec moon mining, reactions, capital ship construction
  • Ore buyback program
  • Ship replacement program for fleet ops
  • Voice comms via mumble, discord
  • Willing to learn, help others and have a friendly attitude
  • Able to log on to comms
  • Able to speak English
  • No smack talk in local chat
  • Null Sec operations operate in Providence, an NRDS (Not Red Don’t Shoot) environment

Up for the challenge? Join Channel “TSGC Public” ingame to speak with a recruiter for more info and before sending an application.

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Looking to expand our USTZ player base. Join us today!

Come come, pew to be had. Rocks to be smashed, rats to be exchanged for currency.


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