[January] Ammunition re-loading and other minor changes from Five 0

Much :heart: to you. I can now create way better bug reports in the future :slight_smile:

So any ETA from the Devs on when you guys will finally allow t2 ammo to be used in sub capital faction/officer weapons ?

You did it for capitals, its time for you guys to do it for subcapitals aswell.

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So does this mean we (TEST) won’t break the server next AT because someone got teleported while simultaneously reloading an ASB and looting?

And yes, this is definitely a buff for probers. I’ve always hated having to sit uncloaked for 10+ seconds while waiting for reload cycle to complete.

Good work. Thx.

You should be able to reload your weapons while cloaked. :thinking:

OMG YES Please!!!

So many things thing that bugged me over the years all get fixed in one swoop! I love you guys!!!

I wish…

you cant reload Small Ancillary Shield Booster on sisi right now
medium,large and xl works fine but when you right click the small one you dont get any reload option , tested on 2 ships https://i.imgur.com/yP00efm.png

bug ID EBR-140258

Will this fix the problem where grouped lasers stop working because one of the lasers needs to reload before the others? Each time it happens, you have to ungroup, reload the offending laser, and regroup them. At first I thought it was because I had loaded new and used crystals into the weapons. But it still has happened when I used all new crystals.

All of a sudden, the weapon group stops responding and it is confusing because, with all the combat messages, it is impossible to notice the message. Even knowing its coming, I find it hard to read it before it disappears. The first time it happened, I had to warp away and check the combat log.

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This pilot pointed out some very anoying thing about using T2 lenses. Lasers do not automaticlly reload ammo if one of the lenses brake/burn-out, whats more interface do not show pilot that one of lasers is missing ammo.

Very super-cool, and good that you finally found some time to do something with this part of the code and refresh it. I appreciate your effort and I’m very happy about it, even though I can not play eve right now, or test it. Topic is nearlly one month old, and it looks like nothing more can be squeezed out of it.

I have something to add regarding the mechanics around reloading, could you please keep it in mind in the future.

  1. Whould it be possible for you to change the size of the unstack cristal icons in the cargohold, so that for example 4x of them fit to one of current icon, or even they stack one-behind-another?
  2. Sub-cargohold for ammunition - space in the cargohold where pilot can put all his/her ammonition, and in case of reload, sub-cargohold automatically feed weapons and modules that are being reloaded.

New discovery… Ungrouping then regrouping cruise launchers will somehow xause auto repeat to be turned off at some point. Yay… :frowning:

Would you also be able to make clones fit like ships? And that way able to multi-buy and fit from saved fittings. As always, you cannot even copy-paste a clone set into evepraisal or jita buy orders, you have to do it manually. If we can fit a ship, we should be able to fit our capsule the same way, no?

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