Jazzmyn private investigations is open to recruitment! \o/

We are hisec wardeccorp, but we do lowsec, wormhole and nullsec stuff too. We focus on pvp. Miners and mission runners are not welcome, but we do accept low sp characters and alphas with pvp attitude. We are not mercs but sometimes we might take contracts to investigate or correct something in eve.

I don’t want to promise anything we cannot deliver so I promise this;

  • we investigate all kind of injustice and wrongdoing in eve and force our suspects to comply with the law until they stop resisting
  • for example and not so long ago we had JITA / PERIMETER mobile depot littering case under investigation where our detectives managed to punish some suspects and confiscate contraband --> https://i.imgur.com/T6qazDW.png
  • atleast one weekend roam per week that will be FC:ed by one of our trusted directors
  • we are part of SPREE MERCENARY GROUP --> lots of hisec wars going all the time!
  • ships for weekend roams will be handed out for free
  • freedom to operate under our “Detective” status and cause havoc in EVE as you see fit
  • all of our Detectives are free, independent and absolute in their actions as long as they share their investigations with rest of the corp
  • we dont care about your or our killboard, you can lose whatever you want, its your isk
  • we have alot of powerfull friends and we do crazy things with them
  • fast recruitment application processing (12 hours max.)
  • one structure bash every week :stuck_out_tongue:
  • nice loot drops! https://zkillboard.com/kill/69010231/
  • Mumble and Discord for communications
  • English / Finnish speaking corp, EU TZ only
  • director positions open for capable FCs

What we expect from you;

  • pvp attitude, use your own brains
  • try to be selfsufficent, but we help you!
  • you have to join our Discord
  • able to speak english
  • prepare to lose your ship
  • API may be asked whenever needed, but not necessary when joining
  • be prepared to talk with us in Mumble when necessary (fleets etc. during all pvp)

Our killboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98510169/


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You have all my support :slight_smile:

Since I am hanging out with those guys, it’s best time in EVE. And language is also German.

Funny fellas! Good at introducing every aspect of eve in one package. If you’re wondering what you want to do or achieve in eve pvp, this is the place where you are most likely find that “thing”.

Hello is Finnish I like corp yes. We need more English speaking players so Peter won’t be the only one!

Corp activity is coming up with and doing dumb ■■■■ together while everyone pretty much does whatever they want in the meantime.

Great bunch of dudes. Most of them are very experienced and skilled players. Not afraid to fly expensive stuff and hand out free ships like candy.

Bump :frog:


Bump :alien:

Bump. :skull::skull::skull:

Bump! :ghost::ghost:

Bump! :rocket::rocket:

Bump! :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

Jazzmyn PI is really the greatest bunch in all EVE - thx for your support!

Bumb! :mage::mage::mage:

I thoroughly recommend these guys. I used to be the shitposting manager and it was fun. also first loss of their alliance :wink:

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