JF, Freighter, Rorqual in Providence (20 % under Jita)

(highi) #1

All Ships in Official Local Contracts…

Providence Freighter = 900mil
Ark (Jump Freighter) = 7,9 Bil (1bil under Jita Price)
Rorqual (with Rigs + Stuff) = 1,9 Bil

Located in SI-I89 VII - RIP Slarty (Providence) - Deadend for the time being.

If you dont be Red to Proviblock or Neutral u can dock (!)

(Drakoniv Jakuard) #2

Are you able to move the Ark to highsec or low sec?

(Ella Goose) #3

Are you able to move the Rorqual to Assah or the surrounding low-sec systems in Derelik? If so I will buy the Rorqual at 1.9B

(Admiral Mason) #4

If he was going to do that, he would just sell it at Hi-Sec prices… It’s cheaper because you have to move it yourself.

(Tiddle Jr) #5

KOS matters! :sunglasses:

(Brynjard) #6

I’m interessted - PM me ingame.