WTS Rorqual Character

As per title,
Can fly a providence also to move minerals if needed.
Around 1.3m from t2 core.

Edit: In highsec, has a few implants, positive wallet



Looking for offers, if it’s reasonable I’ll accept it. Don’t have a set price but if it’s low I’ll just finish training it

13B ok?

No thanks


14b price? B/O?


16B ready

In game offer sent.

16B ready now

19b via mail, will be home after work and accept if nothing else comes

17B ready now

Current offer is 19b I won’t be taking less than that

19B ready

Since Liliana was first to offer 19b I’ll accept their offer waiting for isk and account name

Wait for me to send the account number and ISK

I’m waiting for Liliana Hudson as they offered 19b first via mail, if they fall through I will go to your offer

20B isk now ok?