WTS Rorqual Character

(Thinald Ishirai) #1

As per title,
Can fly a providence also to move minerals if needed.
Around 1.3m from t2 core.

Edit: In highsec, has a few implants, positive wallet

(Aivoras Huunuras) #3


(DreamD) #4


(Thinald Ishirai) #5

Looking for offers, if it’s reasonable I’ll accept it. Don’t have a set price but if it’s low I’ll just finish training it

(DreamD) #6

13B ok?

(Thinald Ishirai) #7

No thanks

(Wobo Heman) #8


(DreamD) #9

14b price? B/O?

(xie tianhao) #10


(Moss Asuna) #11

16B ready

(Liliana Hudson) #12

In game offer sent.

(Moss Asuna) #13

16B ready now

(Thinald Ishirai) #14

19b via mail, will be home after work and accept if nothing else comes

(DreamD) #15

17B ready now

(Thinald Ishirai) #16

Current offer is 19b I won’t be taking less than that

(Moss Asuna) #17

19B ready

(Thinald Ishirai) #18

Since Liliana was first to offer 19b I’ll accept their offer waiting for isk and account name

(Moss Asuna) #19

Wait for me to send the account number and ISK

(Thinald Ishirai) #20

I’m waiting for Liliana Hudson as they offered 19b first via mail, if they fall through I will go to your offer

(Moss Asuna) #21

20B isk now ok?