JIta BuyService

Hello I offer for my corpmember and also some other Corps a Buy Service in Jita, now i make it Public and maybe some of you are intressted in this.

I Buy nearly all stuff ( exept damaged stuff andblueprints )

you can if you use this Greasemonkey Userscript Calculate how much i offer

I will Modify EvePraisal by adding also my Buyprice what i offer you and you can simple create me a Contract with the given amount if your intressted ( the tool also tells you if you should sell it directly if you get more then selling to me)

You need Grasemonkey installed then install the userscript ( its opensource so all is fine you can check yourself )
then take care that it is activated, and you can use it directly.
Maybe some of you are intressted if you just wanna sell stuff fast and wanna make a bit more profit then with jita directsell, i accept corretly created accounts dayly.

If you have questions feel free to ask or write me a Message ingame

I suggest you get this moved to the Services section of the Marketplace forums. I’ve flagged it to be moved.

Moved to buy ads

Thanks to all who used this Service, cause the current Tax changes i have to rewrite the Calculator and till this happend and is tested, i stop buying items.

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Let us know when the script is rewritten man :smiley:

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