⭐ [SERVICE] Jitaprice Pilot's Services over whole NEW EDEN!

If you need PLEX , Large Skill Injector , Small Skill Injector or Multiple Pilot Training Certificate then you normally have to go to Jita or buy it on overpowered prices in the regions of NEW EDEN.
As we all know, all Pilot’s Services items can be consumed remotely over the Personal Assets button. So I offer you my service to get the thing you need for current Jita sell price. All you need to do is to make a contract directly to me with the right amount of ISK for the item or join the chat channel “Moonpire” or write me in game.
Same thing is for Selling your items, if you want to sell plex and you are not in jita, contact me i pay you jita buy price -1%, that is the price that you would pay, when you would sell it yourself in jita.

I think it’s a fair deal both parties.

See you in game.

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Or just get a jita alt.

Step 1: Create an alpha account if you have no extra slots on your main account, and then create an alpha toon.
Use this link to get a 250K SP headstart

Step 2: Move the toon to Jita and buy some basic trading skills and then use the 250K SP boost to smash out those skills in seconds.

Step 3: Create an alt corp because you can and start station trading with your spare time and ISK.

Best of luck o7

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