Jita-focused Research and Manu Citadel Network

I am interested in selling my production/research citadel network. If you are interested, please reach out via evemail to this character, who actually has nothing at all to do with the citadel network!

It consists of:

Very close (2j) to Jita, HS, not in ‘The Forge’ (All 3 on same grid):
1x Production-rigged Raitaru

  • Structure ME I
  • Equipment ME I
  • Drone and Fighter ME 1)
    Manufacturing Plant

1x Spare Raitaru

  • Structure ME I

1x Research Azbel
Standup Invention Lab
Hyasoda Research Lab

1x ‘Exit Cyno’ Astrahaus, in range of the entire route for the above citadels
_(lowsec system, direct gate to highsec, short path to jita, Astra aligned such that the highsec gate is the instawarp after an undock, used to save your JFs from suicide ganks)

Combined Total of (roughly) 130,000~ fuel blocks across the citadels, decreasing every day!
Assorted defence modules, missiles, bombs, fighters etc

I’ve been using the structures since I deployed them to make fighters, fortizars, bowheads and orcas. System cost is reasonable. Profits are solid making these things (~10b/mth), just need to run some freighters and/or JFs to the manufacturing base each month to feed materials.

Could include, if you are after a turnkey solution:

  • all BPO’s necessary for fortizar production (1/10 days, ~4b/mth profits)
  • all BPO’s necessary for Bowhead/Orca production (1+1/14 days, ~2b/mth profits)
  • Complete set of ME10/PE18-20 fighter BPOs (3,200/7 days, ~4b/mth profits)

Note, these BPOs would be very expensive, as they are all very well researched! The BPOs are easy to sell, the citadels are the reason for the post, wont sell the BPO’s until the Citadels are done!
Further note, all profit figures should be independantly verified but are based on todays prices, buying materials direct from sell orders (right click, buy) and selling via sell orders

Deal done.

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