Jita Mining Inc. is looking for new members

Welcome Capsuleer, We are Jita Mining Inc. A Corporation dedicated to help new players at the start of their journey in New Eden (and getting rich while doing that). Located in Caldari Space close to the Main Trade Hub in Jita, we provide knowledge and opportunities for anyone interested; no liabilities.

We Offer:

  • Experience and Education for every aspect of the game
  • Free Ships and Modules
  • Moon Mining and Infrastructure
  • Mining Fleets with Mining Boosts
  • Low Taxes
  • Help with Missions, PvE, PvP, Exploration, Industry
  • Teaching the use of various Tools

We are looking for:

  • New Capsuleers who are about to experience their first adventures in EVE
  • Returning Players coming back after a break learning about all the recent changes
  • Veterans with in-depth knowledge who want to help building a nice community

If you want to know more, ask our CEO Paratio Aurelian or visit our ingame channel jita.public.
We are happy to hear from you. Fly safe o7

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