Join a new startup mining/industry corp, House Frelsi!


First off, thank you for checking out the ad!

Secondly, have you wanted to join a corp but feel like you want to feel like you’re actually apart of something meaningful and not just another nameless drone in a 80k+ member corp?

Have you, as an experienced player, wanted to try something new and to lend your expertise to train the new generation of eve players?

House Frelsi has the goal to break the mold of pyramid corps and create a community in which everyone can benefit, learn, and most importantly, make ISK.

Our startup plan right now is focused on finding miners and builders able to establish a production supply line of crafted goods. As of right now a basic buyback program for ore and materials can be established with plans to expand the buyback and implement a ship replacement fund.

If you are a new member looking for a corp to move up through the ranks or a vet player looking for something to help mold feel free to contact me about joining or join below!

Frelsi meaning “Freedom”, we are a corporation focused on everyone having the freedom to play Eve how they want.

We are currently based in HS with goals to expand past that in the future. We have regular mining fleets with boosts as well as an optional ore buyback program. We also have explorers and ratters always looking for more people to team up with!

We have beginning ships fitted and ready for new players to use right off the bat to help get people started in the game.

Whether brand new or old vet, come hang out with us and have some fun!"

Join below!

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