Join most active FW alliance in-game [Minmatar FactionWarfare] [Ushra’Khan]


TRIAD is one of the original Minmatar FW corps heavily involved in the forging of the original Minmatar v Amarr war and we are proud to be, and still are, one of the core corporation of Ushra’Khan, the oldest alliance in the game.

Ushra’Khan is without any doubt the most active, structured and lethal FW alliance in-game. There is so much content available we do set priorities. Join us for max mayhem and carnage, you will NOT regret !

**TRIAD is **

One of the founding and leading Ushra’Khan corporations
Top 500 PVP Corp
One of the core Minmatar Faction Warfare entities
Own 00 space in Etherium Reach
Heavily interwoven with the lore of EVE online
Daily small gang PvP with experienced (both in real life age as in EVE experience) fun PvP commanders
Direct access to the best organised planetary interaction program in the game
Fanfest presence (we are at all major EVE events)
Access to mining operations
Capital ship program

T.R.I.A.D doesn’t only have a long and rich history heavily interwoven with the lore of EVE, it has also been one of the core entities in Minmatar faction warfare for several years. We offer regular gang and fleet ops, both as corp and as part of Ushra’Khan.

We are an international, English, French, German, Dutch and Italian speaking community, with a strong emphasis on community. We are accepting casual players, but being part of an alliance with presence in pretty much all timezones are able to cater for more dedicated players as well.


  • Likes to play eve to explore the possibilities of the game
  • Asks yourself how you can improve at the game
  • Realises that RL comes first
  • Wants to have a fun time from the moment you log onto the game
  • Is looking for a no nonsense approach - log on, join fleet, fight and all of this under 5 minutes
  • Value the community part of the game

–> then we have something for you.


Ingame channesl: Either join the Ushra’Khan public channel Voices U’K and/or contact Xaar directly by eve-mail. We will welcome you with open arms :slight_smile:


In mid-YC 105, a corporation known as SMaK Enterprises was born out of the tribal regions of Molden Heath.

They became renowned for their conflicts with Amarrian imperialists and those who enslaved the Minmatar race - a fire fed by the fuel of rage within the scarred memories of their CEO, DeT Resprox. Led into battle by their Fleet Commander, Skutter, they flew in a combined force with like-minded corporations within the Ushra’Khan alliance against their oppressors. Names became infamous in times of war - Annu and Alasse Cuthalion whose names will live on as champions into the future of the Matari young.

Time passed and many wars were fought with great losses to either side. As that time passed, the days of SMaK Enterprises ebbed and the time of the exodus saw the Matari tribes move onwards towards their own goals. The tribe of SMaK were disbanded and the former members sought out their own paths in the realm of the cruel-minded Reikoku. Here, DeT Resprox forged a pact with the narcotic barons of the Blood Raider Covenant, they too had been locked in a struggle with the Amarrian Empire. Profits increased as drugs were pumped into the foul veins of Amarr under the supply of Draclira Merlonne and slowly a new form began to mould itself from the hatred placed upon the Amarrian offspring.

The first shots had been buried into the Imperialist gut.

The T.R.I.A.D had come.


Still the most active FW alliance in-game !!! Join for max fun and max content !

Recruitment is still open: Contact Xaar in-game for rampage war content !!!

our corp wide planetary interaction program starts tomorrow. Join now for max content and rewards :slight_smile:

recruitment open !

You are most welcome, apply today

still recruiting

join Voices’UK channel ! We need you !!!

big announcement on EVE news this weekend ! Join the party !!!

Do you guys teach how to FW? I have 48M sp but never tried it.

Yes we do and I can honestly say that FW is the most exciting solo and small gang pvp in the game producing the best pvp-ers. Find me in game during the weekend or in the EU TZ evenings. Xaar

I am interested in this, but I am a new player only a few days old and just finished the tutorial due to limited play time. I am not sure if I would be capable of doing this. Last thing I want to do is join and get blown up all the time and not be able to replace ships. the blowing up part I don’t have a problem with and fully expect to happen a lot.


Do not hesitate ! Join ! You will have a great time and don’t worry about replacing ships !!! Xaar

I will pop into your channel next time I’m on I bought a few Plex and some skill injectors and got some of the so called magic 14 skills to level 5.

Very Good Group of People. Use to fly against them in Lowsec. Well worth a look.

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I do seem to spend more time reading about this game than I do playing it hehe

what were the magic 14 skills?:stuck_out_tongue:

Ushra’Khan is fully deploying to Providence and is in the TOP 5 best performing alliances after “one” week already!!!

Join the mayhem ! Join Ushra’Khan !

Mission accomplished - 9UY monument secured !!! Join Ushra’Khan for extended mayhem - we are going to lauch a major assault on …

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prep is underway…join us and be a part of EVE’s history !