Join one of the oldest corps in Goonswarm - Recruiting PVP, ratting, miners players to join - 4S Corporation [4S]

Recruitment is open.

Out recruitment is open.

Recruitment open. Come pew pew with 4S


Explore the riches of Null. Now with additional anomalies and 100% BRM. Yummy.

Recruitment is open.

Recruitment status is open.

A wise Goon once said…

Recruitment is open

Come fly with 4S and be a Goon with us!

4S Corp continues to grow and we plan to continue our expansion. Recruitment is open.

Recruitment Open

Recruitment remains open.

Happy weekend! Come be a Goon with 4S Corp. Recruitment Open!

Recruitment is open

Recruitment is Open.

Hi there. I’m an ~85m SP Omega returned but I have not played in literally 10 years so can consider me a noob that has to really relearn everything. Possible match as I used to hang out around Arzi area and the like.

Let me know. =)

Hi mate,

Welcome back to Eve. Many have taken long breaks. Drop by our Discord for a chat and we can take it from there.

4S Gaming

Best Regards

Recruitment is open

Recruitment Open

4S has allowed me to rediscover my sexuality, and do what I do best: sit back, press F1, and make questionable remarks.

Recruitment is open. Returning vets and players looking to progress into Null sec life welcome.

Recruitment Status = Open

Recruitment status is green.