Join our IRC Channel!

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Hello there. I have made a channel on pertaining to EVE.
I took the name of the old EVE irc chat channel, #eve-chaos.

Becuase of the nature of, and IRC, i cannot (or will not) provide a direct link to it, however, these are the instructions for joining Connecting to Libera.Chat | Libera Chat Once in ( and registered with NickServ ) you can use join the channel.

For most clients, the command should be /join #eve-chaos I’d prefer it if you use your EVE name, but its whatever if you don’t. Also in my collection of channels is our (Eve related) off topic channel, ##eve-chaos (two hash) and a channel for people to run public fleets out of, #npsi discussion in #eve-chaos should remain strictly about EVE Online.

I’ve also made the channels:
##eve-chaos (for off-topic chat, as #eve-chaos, with one hashtag is for focused EVE discussion.)

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