Join Paranoia Overload - C4

Paranoia Overload is a pvp/pve wormhole corp based in a C4 with C2/C4 statics.

We have all the usual structures and services available.

We also retain a C2 with C1 and HS statics for chilling and training etc…

We run our own Pathfinder instance, and of course use Discord for comms.

We welcome pilots of all types, and especially PVP orientated pilots to join us.

Laid back, mature, friendly, and definitely no-dramas environment

Primarily EU TZ. Asia/AU and US TZ pilots also welcome.

No strict CTAs

We have wives, kids and jobs, we understand real life comes first.

Our ethos is simple : Have fun in a friendly environment and always take the fight.

Contacts :

Takamori Saig0 or Horza Tareem

Or drop by our in-game public channel : I-Hero


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I will attempt to get a hold of one of the contacts in game when possible but is there anywhere else a conversation could start before that? Want more info about the corp and players.

We have a public #lounge channel on our Discord server “Paranoia Overload” - feel free to chat there


do you happen to have the discord invite link? I am not sure of a way to search for a discord server by name.

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@Randomize_Omanid - hey my dude, check our in-game public channel (it’s in the alliance description) and you’ll find a discord link there.

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Still recruiting

Contact us if interested

Still recruiting
Very active corp !


Still recruiting…

Very active corp, fun and friendly environment, join us for pew-pew

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