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Are you a new pilot navigating the vast universe of Eve Online, yearning for a place where you can chart your course at your own tempo? Whether you identify as an introvert, a loner, or someone who values personal autonomy just as much as camaraderie, Peaceful Neutrality extends a warm invitation, tailored to suit your unique journey.

Guidance for New Pilots
In Peaceful Neutrality, we’re committed to being your guiding star as you embark on your journey. As a new bro, we offer unwavering support, helping you to unfurl your wings and reach your full potential.

Embrace Solitude, Welcome Introverts and Loners
At Peaceful Neutrality, we celebrate the strength found in solitude. This is your haven if you’re an introvert or loner, thriving in an environment designed to respect your personal space.

NPSI Fleets: Unite and Conquer
Our NPSI (“Not Purple, Shoot It”) fleets break boundaries, welcoming anyone, even friends from other corporations. Collaborate with allies hailing from diverse backgrounds and script your own epic tales on the battlefield.

PvP Excellence in EU/US Time Zones
We’re primarily a PvP-focused corporation, dedicated to sharpening your combat prowess and mastering the art of warfare. Get ready for adrenaline-pumping encounters that unfold in the heart of EU and US time zones.

Join the Peaceful Neutrality Movement
Join us today, and embark on an extraordinary journey through the uncharted cosmos of Eve Online. Your adventure awaits, and your transformation into a skilled pilot begins here.

Stay Connected
In-game channel: “peaceful-pub”

Explore Your Inner Strength
Discover your innate abilities, unlock your potential, and ascend to the stars by flying with purpose, flying with Peaceful Neutrality.

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Okay a bit of advice your corp will run out of isk if you have a SRP unless you have an insurance fee

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ahh okay well thats much smarter then what i did

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We did it so we can foster character development and creativity with new members and allow them to grow along with older saltier members. It also shows them you don’t need an expensive ship to have a fun time with good people.

What did you do?

Set a 50% rate for all ships lost we lost a lot of isk

O, dang

yeah we cancelled that after a week

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