Join ramsgate incorporated, a Fw pvp corp with fixed plans and goals

Ramsgate Incorporated is a freshly new corporation, Based In the citadel In High sec we are One jump away from A full constellation of Low sec systems. We are a caldari Fw corporation but we also endorse miners and newbros. We can offer you many activities like:

  • PvP: there are a lot of sites to capture, capturing sites will make you 1 billion a month if you use your time correctly and login everyday for not a big amount of time.
  • Mining: we are 9 jumps away from Jita without passing through low sec.
  • Pve: there is always something to do in Pve. Abyssal or Ns and Hs PvE is welcome, we even organise fleets sometimes.

We have extremely well fixed goals and future developments ideas for the corp they are listed in our discord:

We have a lot to offer you but with your membership among us we could offer you even more, we are friendly and we help you in a lot of things. Much experienced members are among us and ready to help newbros. If you have any question you can ask us in our In game Channel: Ramsgate Employment

Our fleet schedule is simple twice a week we have fleets one is pvp and the rest is another type of eve fleet like: Pve, mining or even exploration.

Why we don’t have many fleet right now is because we don’t have enough members, and we don’t need to much as Fractional warfare is all about pvp and its one of the most amusing thing to do in eve ;).

Thank you for taking time to read our ad,

Fly safe Capsuleer o7 and see you in local.

Ramsgate Incorporated.

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