Join the Capitalist Army! (NPC 0.0) 💰

Where my PST homies at?


Plenty of fun to be had in Great Wildlands.

Come and check us out.

New episode of the podcast is out!

Hooooweeeee currently defending our Fortizar from CVA while outnumbered 9:1. Get in on this!

op success


Round 4. Fight!!!

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New alliance we’re in is pretty fun

Will you guys be going back to FW if CCP gets around to fixing it soon?..and are you based in NPC Null? Listened to your Podcast Alekseyev_Karrde, Cool stuff and the Citadel in 9UY is a GREAT idea!

I dunno about FW. Never say never I guess, particularly if CCP breaks the mold and does something really cool.

For now though, we’re nullsec oriented with lowsec content supplements as needed. Our focus is developing our operations in Providence and Great Wildlands.

Pumped to fly Triglavian ships? We got you covered.

EU bump

I don’t like to mine, but when I do: It’s the good stuff

If you like Retributions, this is the place for you

US TZ ops!

Bumping for new timezone

The content is flowing in Providence!

A veritable Ram Ranch of PVP

US TZ is getting shot in the arm, be a part of it!

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