Join the dragon wariors today!

We are a small but growing low sec corp. and we want you to join us. there are many benefits to joining us such as

  • only 3% tax rate
  • we are in a gas system
  • we are in a alliance
  • 75% insurance
  • Within ten jumps of Armarr
  • we are new player welcoming

And much more so what are you waiting, For join today.

form the CEO of the dragon wariors- Mindahouf Davaham

We want you!!
We want you to join us and mine for us. As we slowly grow into a mega-corporation and we want you to help make us a top corporation
What we have to offer
• New player friendly
• Low tax rate
• 75% insurance rate
• Rating fleets
• PvP fleets
• Amarr buyback rates
Join the discord

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