The dragon wariors We want you

We are looking for any player from mining to PvP. And we offer many things for players to do such as
• PVP Fleets
• Rating Fleets
• Mining fleets
• 75% insurance rate *Note must be in the corpation for over a week for it to have any affect
• Amarr buyback
Were we operate
High sec
Low sec
And soon to come Null sec.
Join the chat
If you have any questions, join this chat: The Holding room
• Corvette fight club 11/23/2022
We will fight corvettes in Amarr the winner will get 20 million isk. You are not allowed to have any tech two rigs on board
• Recourse war: starts: 11/23/2022 ends: 12/25/2022
Turn in ores to me and you will gain points the winner will receive an orca. If any ships lost because of the event insurance will not be granted to player doing the event.
Veldspear: 1 point per one
Scordite: 1 point per one
Pyroxeres: 5 points per one
Plagioclase: 10 points per one
Omber: 10 points per one
Kernite: 15 points per one
Jaspet: 15 points per one
Hemorphite: 20 points per one
Hedbergite: 20 points per one
Dark Ochre: 35 points per one
Gneiss: 35 points per one
Crokite: 45 points per one
Bistot: 45 points per one
Arkonor: 50 points per one
Spodumain: 50 points per one
Bezdnacine: 50 points per one
Rakovene: 50 points per one
Talassonite: 50 points per one
Mercoxit: 100 points per one

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