The dragon wariors

About us
We are a small but growing corporation that helps everyone we come across and we try to do everything we can ingame. From PVP to drug manufacturing.
what we offer

  • Low tax PI
  • BPC library
  • Mining fleets
  • PVE and PVP fleets
  • high sec and low sec
  • mentors to teach you the game

join the discord to find out more

free bump to always see the number of veiws

There’s a section to advertise your corp, you know?

oh sorry though i put it in there sorry

Looking for a small gang to join my corporation
what we can offer

  • ship replacement
  • 10 million isk for every ship killed
  • unlimited access to prov

what we require

  • to give us 25% of the loot from your kills

join the disciord to learn more

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Does your corporation operate near/in/around Gallente space?
I’m looking to join a corporation that operates close by Gallente space. That’s why I haven’t joined a corporation. All the corporations that contact me have their operations in Caldari space or Null close to it and I don’t want to fly Caldari space unless I go to Jita.
Anyway, thanks for the reply.

Merged your Recruitment adds into here.

we live in amarr if that’s any bad

It isn’t bad. Just not what I’m looking for.
Thank you.