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Galaxxi > I have been away for awhile but desire something different besides hisec…I am looking for a corp that does encounters,INCURSIONS, AND exploration sites.( I have 76 million skill pts) Gallente Based.(USA TIME ZONE)


I tried to join 2 other corps that pvped and both were helpful teaching me some pvp manuvers…BUT the CEOS both quit shortly after I joined them…so i quit those corps…looked one more time…found another pvp corp that took 10 ships to there deaths my 1st day…quit them…and now im looking for somthing besides pvp

We have 2 omega accounts, 1 is gallente and 1 is caldari

Please send mail

Hello Galaxxi!

We are Strongly US/AU corp with a bit of EU which we are trying to expand, We are a low sec corp (pirate) that lives and operates in Placid/Syndicate(npc null) region

Friendly drunkard and foul mouthed aussies
lots of moon mining
Safe space for lvl 5 missions
Well experienced fc
Ratting Space
Fleet pvp
roaming fleet

We also have established our own SeaT website
A fully functional Discord (automatic roles assigned by SeaT)

I hope that you consider us because most our players are mature and 30+yrs old as well
we are laid back and relax and we do our own thing
please do reach back to me and would gladly have a chat with you in comms

Down Under Syndrome | Alliance | zKillboard

Hello mate , whilst we are primarily a EU tz pvp group , we also have great sigs which only do incursions all the time every day and you would be more than welcome to come get involved with that

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