Join the Gnomes of LAWN Alliance

LAWN has been active and growing since its founding in 2009. We are a community of mature adults dedicated to a friendly, team-focused, and fun-loving gaming environment. LAWN is wanting to diversify and expand our borders. We know EVE is a global game, and we are looking for corporations from all walks of life and timezones.

  • The primary purpose of LAWN is:
    • To unite corporations of like mind and maturity in order to exploit null-sec systems in New Eden for fun and profit
    • To provide for the common defense of all member corporations
    • To establish mutual goals and achieve them through cooperation

What to expect while you are in LAWN:

  • Alliance-provided services and infrastructure
  • Access to the largest and most active Nullsec market hub
  • A tight-knit community where you’re not just a line member
  • Ample opportunities to lead and shape the alliance
  • Access to our full industrial complex for all kinds of industry, including capital building
  • Alliance level Ship Replacement Program (SRP) for fleet PvP loss
  • Many moons available and rewarded to corporations based on their activity within the alliance

What we ask from you:

  • Have a minimum of 10 active players
  • Be willing to engage and become an active part of the community
  • Have each player join in on at least one PvP fleet per month
  • A willingness to jump into PvP action and support your alliance mates when needed
  • Be active in our voice comms
  • Corporation leadership that is willing to participate in alliance level discussions and remain active to ensure all members are informed and represented

How to contact us:

  • If this sounds like a good fit for you or your corporation please contact: ‘Victavious Vobakar’ and/or ‘Kobayashi Laniakea
  • You can normally find us in our in-game public channel “LAWN-Public”
  • Our discord is always open as well so please drop by and ask for us! LAWN Alliance

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