[US/EU TZ] 2GTHR We Are Better: Blades of Grass Wants Community-Minded Null-Sec Corporations

Who Are We?

We are looking for more corporations to join our ranks and fly our flag with pride.

Blades of Grass is a community of tolerant, like-minded mature adults living in our alliance Keepstar in Perrigen Falls null-sec as part of Winter Coalition. While we more heavily emphasize PvP, we try to balance a PvP lifestyle with other null-sec EvE activities. Our membership is primarily split across EU and US time zones with English as our common language, but we have members and corporations with English as their second or third language.

Why Us?

We are a stable, no-drama alliance providing corporations with the tools to easily do any of the activities that null-sec has to offer. We have a long history of contributing across multiple areas to our coalition: PvP pilots, with a heavy focus on niche pilots like T2 logistics, FAXes, dictors, links, etc; sov mechanics expertise; ISK and materials; sov logistics; and market stocking among others.

For corporations in Blades of Grass, some of the things we offer include:

  • Tolerant, respectful community: All our members must adhere to our philosophy, which means we have a friendly and supportive environment for everyone in our forums, voice comms and other places, particularly for women, people with families, and LGBTQ+ people. People are important;

  • Alliance leadership who talk to their line members and who invite questions from anyone at the monthly town hall;

  • Long-term, financially solvent and stable alliance, with finances published to corporation leadership on a regular basis;

  • Ship replacement policy, covering 70-110% of most doctrine subcaps and capitals, and coverage for non-doctrine/solo PvP losses (up to 50 million);

  • Opportunities for bloc-level fights, including with capitals and supers, as well as smaller fleets for home defense, roams, deployments with the coalition, etc;

  • Long-running alliance-owned logistics corporation with low losses over the years offering routes between alliance/coalition staging and deployment/Jita, with and without collateral;

  • Full set of alliance-owned industrial facilities;

  • Large, well-stocked alliance market for stuff (2 trillion ISK+) with a separate market (500 billion+) for materials;

  • Alliance-run market production buyback program;

  • Alliance buyback program for ore, ice, fuel blocks, P1-P4 PI, T1/T2 salvage, moon goo, and reaction products;

  • Alliance-run moons open to everyone to mine; and

  • A really nice alliance logo. (-:

Joining Us

Corporations that fit with us culturally are more important than large numbers of corporations; we value quality over quantity. That said, we do have some other things we look for:

  • 15 or more active people (usually 30-50 pilots), so that you have a degree of internal stability;

  • Active and involved corporation leadership of more than one person doing all the work who can commit to working with alliance leadership and keeping their members informed;

  • Members willing to participate in at least one PvP op per month/person and attend strat-ops and CTAs, when possible.

  • Willingness to work towards alliance and coalition goals, and encourage your members to do so.

For more information, including on exceptions, please check out this more detailed post.

Sound Interesting? Get In Touch

If you want to get in touch, then you can join our in-game public channel “Blades of Grass”, send an EvEmail to “Basil Vulpine” and “Eingang Vulpine,” or join our Discord server using https://discord.gg/YpXMmV. Even if we don’t think you’re a good match for us, we’ll try and help you find a suitable home.

Blades of Grass: The grass is greener on the other side! Join us!

Our philosophy: EN | DE | FR | ID

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