Blades of Dawn Null Sec PVP/INDY corp, seeking all player types (EU/US)

Blades of Dawn [BL.BA] is currently recruiting all kinds of players. Part of Get off my Lawn alliance and The Imperium Coalition. We are a very tight group, with a great community something we’ve worked hard at. We take care of our own. Be you a new or old player returning, we can help you get back on your feet and up to speed with the ever changing meta. We really don’t like drama casual is our thing, whether you play once a week or whenever the wife allows you that’s cool with us. Eve is a social game so surround yourself with good people.

We offer:

  • Alpha Clones/Newbro friendly place, we can teach you what you need to learn and survive in nulsec.
  • Safe ratting under the Imperium umbrella (once you’re paying attention)
  • Small to large Fleet PVP, on regular intervals. Fleets are pinged out regularly. For those who like to pew pew, you’re in luck the imperium has many enemies. There is many ESS in need of liberation.
  • Specialized Squads/Sigs and Interest groups to join.
  • The most well stocked Null-Sec regional market in all of EVE.
  • Massive industry opportunities, large manufacturing, and reactions services available, we have a large BPO, available to the whole Corp or BPC on request.
  • Large profits to be made from ratting, PI and exploration (so you can plex your own account).
  • Full Corp buyback programs and SRP for Alliance Fleets.
  • A friendly and Relaxed group that enjoy playing eve, we don’t do drama.
  • Coalition level Jump Freighter and Freighter Services to and from HS
  • Mumble, Jabber. Teamspeak, Forums, and Discord


We Require:

1 Strategic fleet Participation (PAP) per month. Easy to get done while The Imperium is running multiple fleets per day. Ranging from cheap frigs, bombers right up to capital ships if you can’t do this there something wrong with you it’s literally the best part the game. All fleets have SRP as well.

ESI registration on both Alliance and Coalition sites (It’ll grant you access to forums, services and much more.

Must be able to use comms during fleets for obvious reasons. Apart from fleets we don’t require you to be in comms unless you want to be.

Join Us. Join the Imperium.

To apply or for further assistance join ‘Blades of Dawn Recruitment’ channel. Follow the directions listed in the MOTD.

You can also join our discord channel
Our Discord: [Red Skies / Blades of Dawn]

Awesome Corp, only trouble is its Laramon Questors Fault

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They blame me for everything, but I love the attention. And Apex is a #$%ing genius!

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That’s cause its always your fault!!!

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