Join the Lads for fun

What do we offer?

Fleet mission running and mining and everything in between. Boosting with mining as well.

Our members are free to explore the game and enjoy every time they play.

We have open spaces for newbies and returning veterans who would like to casually play
and enjoy the game. And joining us you will pay lower tax than in an NPC corporation.

If you want to expand your horizons we have spaces available in our Null Security sector.
Should you run a corporation you are welcome to join the Null Security Alliance at 1 Billion ISK per month to use the space we have. Or, join the hight Security Alliance for free. Yup Free as in no charge at all :slight_smile:

We have regular PVP fleet activities. Connected to strong allies as well.

Requirements: :thinking:
High Security space:

  • No requirements. As long as you play in an active style and you are civil to team mates.
    For more information join our Discord server.

Null Security space:

  • Individual join request: This will depend on the corporation you choose to join
  • Corp join request: Minimum fees of 1 billion applies per month. Fees will vary with additional extras such as when mining your own moon

We use TeamSpeak and Discord

So come and join us for a exciting game :grinning: and be part of the Lads

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