Join the Nocxium Cartel

Sending Thots and Players [TWERK] is recruiting lowsec miners into Nocxium Cartel, our lowsec mining enterprise. We are aiming to become a key supplier of lowsec ores, and a key killer of our competitors.

Some of the relatively modest benefits:

  • Alpha friendly. Low-SP and alpha accounts welcome! No minimum activity requirements, no hassles, just make ore and sell it.

  • Mentoring, guidance: Tactics to stay safe, intel channels, fitting help. Everything you need to be safe, stay safe, and prosper!

  • Subsidised Ventures! You can’t go broke mining in a Venture!

  • Access to dank lowsec ores! Crokite, hedbergite, jaspet. If this doesn’t get your mining crystals damaged, nothing will. If you know what I mean, eh?

  • Integrated logistics support. Refine, reprocess, compress.

  • PVP training and support. Get in the thick of it when you want.

  • Friendly fire illegal. So, you’ll only get awoxed in lowsec, i guess?

We have Discord, alliance support, and intel.

Looking for more people, AU TZ and US TZ.