Join The Omnivores! - C3 Wormhole Living on the Frontier

Omnivores of Mediocrity is a small C3 wormhole corp dedicated to PvP and exploration. We are an older corp that was on hiatus and is looking to kickstart itself back into activity.

Our corp prides itself on being a relaxed and fun atmosphere for our pilots to fly together and enjoy the depths of space. We live in a C3 With a Nullsec static and can be found doing everything WH space has to offer - We love to map and hunt in our chain, explore and roam, and do some krabbing to pay the bills.

What are we looking for?
As an old corp that is small again, what we are most seeking are independent and active pilots. We offer community and backup, but we are looking for people that will go on the hunt and find fun for themselves. Good fits for us will be independent players that love living in sparsely inhabited space, exploring for content, or hunting with a cloak. If you are looking for scheduled ops, we arent the place for you, and thats ok.

We like to think of ourselves as a frontier corp - We are your company, but its still the wild west out here. That being said, We want to find people looking to be a part of growing our corp again and influencing its direction.

What do we offer you?

  • A citadel in a WH space with the facilities you would expect for striking out on our own.
  • Standard WH Corp operations - Rolling ships, Blue loot buyback, help shipping if you need it
  • The standard out of eve tech stuff - Discord, Private Pathfinder, etc.
  • Years of experience in WH space - If youve been wondering wether WH space is a good fit for you, we can help
  • T3 memes and propaganda such as: The Great Abscence

Basic Requirements:

  • 21+ in Age : Its not personal, we just know what works for us
  • No SP Requirements, Be Omega and able to fit a Cloak and the rest we will have fun with
  • A working microphone and a desire to be on comms when playing
  • We most play in the EU and early US TZ (13 to 00 EVE TIME) during weekdays. During weekends, Lyor doesn’t sleep

If you are interested, reach out in-game in “The Omni Pub” or Mail “Lyor Vallian” / “Lladz Kralizec” or join our discord

During weekends, Lyor doesn’t sleep

Uh-oh, gotta live up to that now…

Unemployment is both a blessing and a curse

I mean wormholes are basically the typhoon struggle at the end of the universe right?

I feel like with the recent revival some people might actually catch the meaning of my name :smiley:

Very true. Been a Dune fan for a long time. I name a lot of my ships after Dune terms LOL.

I knew i should have callled our corp ad living with the fremen

Bump! Come eat your Halloween candy with us as we roam our chain

Lyor got a new kitten, come see it!

We should add “endless stream of cat pics” in the benefits column huh

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