Omnivores of Mediocrity- Get In On the Ground Floor of a New Wormhole Corp

Omnivores of Mediocrity is a young corp interested in ratting and exploration opportunities in wormhole space. Small gang wormhole pvp will also be in abundance, as it comes with the territory. Our pilots are always hunting for things to shoot at.

Anyone who is looking to get in on the ground floor of a fresh corporation may find us particularly appealing, as we are still in our beginning stages of membership growth. We currently live in C2 wormhole with LS and C2 static connections.

Come and go as you please. There’s no whipcracking, no demands, no drama. Real life takes precedence over eve.

If you’re looking for a laid back atmosphere and some fun people to fly with in jspace Omnivores of Mediocrity may be the corp for you!

All pilots, alpha or omega, veteran or newbro alike are welcome. We are more than happy to teach new pilots the ropes!

Feel free to toss me any questions you might have or contact me both in and out of game!

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Still growing! Trying to expand US EST TZ!

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