[US] Clandestine Nocturnality: Hungry & Foolish Capsuleers Wanted

We are a group of returning wormholers, adult, and non-toxic. We are a US CST based corp, who is looking for more members.

M-F 0400-0900 Eve Time: Sat/Sun 20:00-0900 Eve Time.

Our policy is Real life comes first. 18+ Only. If not of means; we can teach you.

What can we offer:

-Small gang PVP in Wormhole Space
-Sneaky BLOPS through NS connections
-Rage Rolling for content
-C2 and C3 Ratting
-Gas huffing
-Wspace Planetary Interaction
-Easy HS entrances

A Place, where you are not just a number!
-Shitposting and MEMES!

Our Requirements:

-Be Active!
-Train into our doctrine!
-Be a self starter!

Your “age” must be over 30 days in-game.

-Engage with corpmates.
-Wheatons Law in affect.

Blind applications with less than 10million sp will be auto rejected. If you are motivated & interested join our public recruiting channel found in our corp info. Public channel applicants will be considered on an individual merit, potential basis.

Other than that it’s all about eve and making isk to fund pvp.

You mind dropping a discord username here I could DM you?

Absolutely :slight_smile:


bump !


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