[US] Clandestine Nocturnality: Hungry & Foolish Capsuleers Wanted!

We are a group of returning wormholers, adult, and non-toxic. We are a US CST based corp, who is looking for more members.

M-F: 0300-0700 Eve Time
Sat/Sun 14:00-10:00 Eve Time

Our policy is Real life comes first. 18+ Only. If not of means; we can teach you.

What can we offer:

-Small gang PVP in Wormhole Space
-Sneaky BLOPS through NS connections
-Rage Rolling for content
-C2,C3,C4 Ratting
-Gas huffing
-Wspace Planetary Interaction
-Easy HS entrances

A Place, where you are not just a number!
-Shitposting and MEMES!

Our Requirements:

-Be Active!
-Train into our doctrine!
-Be a self starter!

Your “age” must be over 30 days in-game.

-Engage with corpmates.
-Wheatons Law in affect.
-Wormhole Code in effect.

Discord userid: 137986725770166272

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