Join The SRS - High-Sec War Decs Corp for PvP and Salt Mining!

Greetings, fearless capsuleers of New Eden!

Are you weary of the mundane existence within the secure confines of high-security space? Do you yearn for the heart-pounding excitement of combat and the satisfaction of victory? Look no further, for The SRS beckons to pilots like you, inviting you to join our elite ranks!

Who Are We? The SRS stands as a high-sec war declaration corporation, singularly devoted to delivering the epitome of PvP experiences to its members. We are a tightly-knit collective of battle-hardened veterans and eager newcomers, bonded by our unwavering passion for combat and our relentless pursuit of excellence. With us, you shall find companionship, adventure, and countless opportunities to refine your combat prowess while etching your legacy in the annals of the galaxy.

Our Active Timezone: We primarily operate during the late EU and early US timezones.

What We Offer:

  • War Declarations: Immerse yourself in the electrifying theatrics of high-sec conflicts against rival corporations, alliances, and imposing structures. We thrive on the adrenaline rush of battle and the profound satisfaction of victory.
  • PvP Excellence: Whether you’re a battle-scarred PvP veteran or a budding recruit eager to learn, we provide expert guidance, ship fittings, and tactical wisdom to help you soar to new heights in combat.
  • Independence: Your financial autonomy is sacred to us. You are responsible for your own income sources, and we refrain from involvement in mining or industry pursuits.
  • Community: Become part of a vibrant, supportive community comprised of like-minded pilots. We place great value on teamwork and unwavering loyalty, all while having a blast as we strive toward our objectives.

What We’re Seeking:

  • PvP Enthusiasts: If your heart beats faster at the mere thought of PvP and intense combat, you’ll find your home among us.
  • Minimum Two Accounts Required: To ensure you’re well-prepared for the battles that lie ahead, we expect all recruits to have at least two accounts.
  • Communication Is Key: Active participation on voice comms with working microphones is a must.
  • Active Pilots: We cherish members who actively engage in corporate and alliance PvP activities.
  • Mature and Respectful: We maintain an environment that is both mature and respectful, fostering a sense of camaraderie among all members.

Join Us!

Together, we will paint the high-sec skies with the vibrant hues of victory!

If you’re prepared to embrace the chaos, apply today by visiting our Discord server to acquaint yourself with us better.

No longer allow the monotony of high-sec life to shackle you. Embrace the thrill, and join The SRS to carve your name into the stars!

Fly dangerously and with unwavering bravado,


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Join us!

Interesting times.

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