Join us! PVE corp is looking for you (Alpha invite)

[NNCHN] Nega Nebulas. null-sec rental corp is currently recruiting.
Dear pilot:
Nega Nebula is a rental corp in Esoteria, looking for ratter and miner. 15% tax rate
What we have:
*2 active system, both are highly recommended for smartbomb ratting, and if you are lucky, 20 mins, 1B income
*NPC are Sansha, easy rats and the richest area for anomalies.
*Low difficulty DED site, (6-10 and 10-10) loot including NIGHTMARE bpt and all kinds of special DED gears.
*No PAP, repeat, no PAP, this is only a rental corp, but we wish our corp member stand up to fight those campers and enemies.
*Low price VNI for beginners.
What we want from you:

  • Full API
  • Basic fighting skills, don’t be afraid to fight, sometimes enemies is weak, but if you don’t keep them away, they will stay here become camper, because everyone like fresh meat, right?
  • Do not be AFK while you rat, care about you and your corp members.
    *Be sensibly active
    *Be able to read, listen and comprehend Basic English.
    *Follow the Corp’s regulation.
    If you have any questions or interesting to join us, fell free to mail us or join the channel: Nega Recruit
    Corp recruiter: Alice Ocar, Kawaino Nana
    Discord Channel:

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