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hi im new in the game and ive already applied to join pandemic horde, they already sent me an invitation but i saw in the stats that they might have a “-10” stat against caldari forces, if i join pandemic horde that could mean that i would no longer be able to put a step over caldari space (specially jita) without geetting roasted?
PD: sorry for my broken english, this is not my primary language, fly safe.

Doesn’t really matter mate, you’ll want a Jita alt anyways. To do this just either create a second account and then make a toon and then move it to jita and give it trade skills, or just create a new toon on your main account. Long term this is a must anyways, PHORDE are PVPers, so you’re sec status will probs end up -10 within a few months so your main won’t be able to go to HS anyways.

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NPCs will look at your personal standing when deciding to attack or not. I’m not really sure corp standings mean much at this point, they used to have a few uses but mechanics got changed.

if anything the biggest threat of being in pandemic horde will be wardecs and thats a pvp threat. A few groups will wardec big groups and hope to pick off solo pilots wandering through highsec. Horde has also done a few highsec wardecs to battle for citadels near trade hubs.

If you are going to join horde I suggest you make it out to wherever they are based and play their game. If you want to do stuff in highsec Horde probably isn’t where you want to be.

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I am a member of Horde and I’ve never experienced any issues with Caldari space (or any other Empire) other than wardecs (as noted by @Chainsaw_Plankton above).

When you join, the corp bulletin will warn you that you can be attacked in hi-sec because the alliance is permanently war decced by many. This can be avoided in the usual manner by making instadock and undock bookmarks - or just not going to Jita. Horde has a citadel in Perimeter where you can place a jump clone, or simply set up a market alt and never go to hi-sec again.

There is an excellent and very reliable jump freighter service for your needs.

Please bear in mind however, that it has just been announced that we will be moving over the next month or so to a new home in Geminate. I would advise that you don’t move too much stuff to C4C now, but as a newbean, you will get lots of free ships to fly anyway.

On security status overall, it’s quite easy to maintain a positive status as you will be (probably) earning isk by ratting, and this more than compensates for any sec status hit from low-sec operations.

Enjoy Horde, and don’t be afraid to ask colleagues or the NBI (New Bean Initiative, members who have been vetted to help out new players) in the Newbean channel.

(I should note as a PS that most of these things will apply to all of the major new player null-sec alliances such as KarmaFleet, Brave and so forth. Not the moving part, obviously).


hey thanks ive alreafy joined the horde, and im trying to make some isk cause i runned low on them, what do you mean about free ships as a newbean? im still trying to figure how to do ratting so i can gain some money and who knows join a few fight with the fellas to explode and maybe make someone explode haha

also when are we going to geminate? should i start moving my stuff to closest sistems?

First off, read the corp bulletin and follow all the guidance there. You need to make sure you click the link to set up the Newbean channel. This will be a chat channel usually on the left side of your screen by default.

You can ask all your questions in there. Look out for, and ask for, a person with the title NBI, as these are players who can help you directly to get the free joining package - which includes skill books and a few free ships. One of these free ships will be a ratting ship (basic) to start you off.

Next make sure you have followed the guidance to first register on the forums, then to set up your Mumble and then your Discord account. The forum is important because there is lots of information there and you can seek advice that is Horde specific. Mumble is necessary so you can hear and speak on operations or for standing fleet (which is a fleet set up to help protect those who are ratting/mining). Discord will give you another way of interacting with colleagues and getting pings (notifications of fleets or activities - there is a specific newbean-pings channel.

Newbeans get free T1 ships for fleets in almost all cases of strategic operations, so you can indeed join fights and get blown up - or dish it out - while you train.

When learning to rat effectively, there’s guidance on the forum, but basically you would start with a destroyer set up for the type of rat. If you look out on the newbean-ping channel in Discord you’ll see many new player ratting and mining fleets led by experienced players to help teach the best approach, and teach you how to be ‘reasonably’ safe. Remember we’re a PvP alliance primarily and Horde space is considered content central, so we get lots of people coming to visit and blow up our stuff. This is fun!

Don’t worry too much about Geminate. There’s a long post and guide to timeline on the forum. The move will take time but I wanted you to be aware because you might have inadvertently moved a lot of kit to C4C and then had to move it again. Read the post and decide what’s best for you, but no need to move now. There will be move operations fleets that will help you.

Finally, depending on which language you speak, there are a number of corporations for specific nationalities within Horde. You might want to look those up. But first, read the corp bulletin and set your services, then you’ll have lots of people available to guide and help. Feel free to look me up in game and I’ll do my best (you can send me an eve mail too if you’d prefer) but I’m usually about in AUTZ during the week, and sometimes EUTZ on the weekends.


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