What to do before accepting the pandamic horde inc invitation

Sorry uf this question sounds unintelligent. But as you see I’m in the New Citizens Q&A Forum, and I don’t really know much about the game, or have played for much time.
So my question is, what should I do before clicking that button on the corporations, next to the name Pandamic Horde?

(It’s worth saying that I have already finished all career missions, and I want to start “loosing ships” in low sec and see how the game is actually played)

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probably better to ask a PH recruiter, or member rather than ask here. They accept pretty much everyone so I assume they have a pretty decent program for what to do.

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Probably put your brain and self-esteem aside for later pickup when you leave PH. :wink:


Do you have a better suggestion for a newbie and alpha player?

Not saying you should not join, but don’t get attached, take what you need and can get. I would probably do the tour through all newbie corps, to get the full picture, put an Alpha account in each …

… but finally you need to think for yourself, what you want to do in EvE, don’t let others decide for you.


The first thing I would suggest is to leave Jita or any busy hub. This is because Horde is war-decced and you will be a target once you join, and lots of people would like to kill you in hi-sec. :grinning:

You now have two options. If you have never used the ability to set your medical clone remotely (it can be done only once a year) go to Perimeter and locate the Horde citadel at Planet V. I’d recommend making a jump clone there in case you want to take part in future hi-sec fleets. Otherwise, once in the citadel you can join (press accept) and you will get an email from Kalbuir Skirate giving you lots of information on how to join and set up services. You will be guided on how to set your medical clone to our staging Keepstar in O-VWPB (the BEANSTAR). You can then self destruct and appear in the Keepstar, and then set up your Discord, Mumble etc. Contact a member of the NBI to get your free starter pack (lots of skill books, ships etc) and read the forums for your recommended skill plans.

If you have already used the ability to remote clone, you’ll have to fly to the Beanstar. In this case, before pressing Accept, I’d recommend flying to Oijanen or nearby and docking up. Click Accept and follow the guide, especially setting up your Overview correctly and joining the Bean Intel channel. You will want to have brought the fastest and most agile ship you can fly (like a travel interceptor) but keep it cheap - you might get popped on the next stage. If you are in comms, let colleagues know you are a new player and they may well come and escort you.

Check there are no (or not too many reds) on you overview. Set your destination to BWF-ZZ ( the next system, first null-sec from Oijanen. Dash for the stargate (or use use one of the bookmarked pings you will see). The gate is sometimes camped, but we clear it pretty often too. Once in BWF, you will see a Keepstar for refuge if necessary, lots of greens and blues. While still cloaked, right click in space and you will see a Jump Bridge listed. Warp to this and then right click the jump bridge on your overview to jump straight to O-V. Warp to the Beanstar and follow the instructions as before.

I hope that makes sense. If you get caught, or frustrated, just talk to one of your colleagues (the NBI are specifcally people set up to help new players) and we’ll get you there somehow :sunglasses:


Just to put this into context for OP. Horde and family is the aggressor here, wardeccing any competitor to secure Greedy Gobbins’ highsec market monopoly and protection racket scheme.

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@Tipa_Riot’s post, whilst a tad flavoursome, is essentially correct (though Horde gets war-decced for many reasons, including by people who like to kill newbeans).

Therein lies an important lesson for new players; that in EvE, if you cannot protect it, it’s not really yours.




joining horde is probably going to be the biggest mistake you’ve ever done
join Brave or karmafleet they give you a lot more freedom to be yourself they’re more likely to help you out or not make you feel like dogshit there is nice members in horde but the leadership doesn’t really give a flying ■■■■ about you if you piss one of them off you’ll be kicked out the very next day and then you’ll have to say goodbye to all your friends karmafleet and brave both tolerate you making mistakes and the leadership in both are willing to accept the fact they made a mistake and hoard if you ever prove anybody wrong in a leadership position they will kick you out even if you’re trying to help them or prove a point

pandemic Legion and horde treat their members like slaves f you get killed in a very expensive ship horde will have a ■■■■ fit even though it’s your own money

even if it’s not a fleet op and you’re flying a ship they don’t want you to fly they’ll throw a fit you’re not allowed to fly what you want to fly on your own time either or budget

That was a bit meh

Radkid, if you’re going to feed people dumb advice please use at least one single unit of punctuation. It would make you look a lot less like a moron ranting about something he knows nothing about.


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