[JS] UserScript - Collapse categories in forum index



  • Auto collapse categories if set in conf
  • Add carret and darken titles
  • [Not a feature] Doesn’t keep the state of what you collapse or not. (always collapse as per configs)

How to use it

This script require greasemonkey or tampermonkey to run (you can also run it manually to check what it does).

You can find the script here

By default, it will show everything. If you want to have some categories auto-collapsed, change the config categoriesToHide and set true to everything you want to hide.



Excellent, I set all Categories to hide and now the main Forum Board page looks and acts like it should.

I also changed the address location in this script on line 7 from Meta to Forums.

Thanks, you’re a wizard at configuring these scripts. I now have 5 userscripts active for these forums:

EVE Online Forums Character association
Eve Forums Color Edit
Eve Forums Portal Menu
Eve Avatar/Sub-Category Adjustment (120x120) I actually changed it to 140x140
EVE Online Forum Layout


I was having an issue that whenever I clicked the Eve or ‘E’ icon in the forum header to go back to the main Forum Category page, the ‘Communications Center’ category wouldn’t be collapsed like all the other forum categories.

In the script I changed the category on line 18 from ‘general’ to ‘communications’ and now whenever the Forum Category page loads, all categories are collapsed, which is exactly what I wanted.

Thanks again.

Link brings up this page:

404: Not Found