[JSPAC] Outer Lands C2 Industrial/PvP Corp Recruiting!

Outer Lands - The World is Yours

Here at Outer Lands we believe in delivering quality equipment at affordable prices. We aim to be New Eden’s leading producer of high-quality starships, starship components, and ammunition. And to do that, we need YOU!

We’re looking for enterprising pilots who are interested in making ISK and living out beyond the fringes of known space, beyond the blue donut and endless CTAs. At Outer Lands, we believe that what matters is not the colour of your killboard but the content of your character.

What we can offer:

  • A C2 wormhole with C3/HS statics: Easy access to content of all varieties, plus you’ll almost never be more than ten jumps from a trade hub!
  • Near-perfect PI setup: The only thing we’re missing is Planktic Colonies!
  • Full-access blueprint library: Get access to a growing library of BPOs available for use to all members!
  • Kill and corpse bounties: Get paid to blow things up!
  • Comprehensive buyback programme: Get 90% Jita Buy for all your items!

And more, coming soon!

  • Daily moon pops!
  • Free T1-fit ships!

We might be new, but we have a bright future ahead of us, a future that we want YOU to be a part of!

Join “Outer Lands Pub” in-game to talk to a recruiter today, or apply at eve-hr.com/jspac! You can also join our Discord at discord.gg/E6RbhR8 for diplo and recruiting!

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