[US/EU] Rapscallion Industrial Seeks New Membership!

Greetings pilots of New Eden!
Can you fly cloaky? Are you tired of boring old highsec and nullbearing? Then come to the best space in eve! We’re waiting for you behind the wormhole.

We at Rapscallion Industrial are looking for adventurous players of all kinds to join us in our wormhole space corporation. We’re a small band of experienced J-Space pvpers looking to expand ourselves into J-Space wh dwellers. We currently own several citidels in coveted C2 space with C3 and HS statics. What does all this mean? It means you have the best opportunities to find people to kill, and isk to make, and you’ll always be able to get your loot out!

What can we offer prospects?

✜SRP extending outside of fleet ops
✜ Pvp galore
✜ Mining/ratting fleets.
✜ Access to t4 level pi in system
✜ Access to knowledgable wh pvpers
✜ Corporate buyback on ores, gas, and PI
✜C2 Wh with C3/HS Statics
✜ Cheap Hauling Service (free when war decced)

What are our goals?

✜To develop our home system for all kinds of industry opportunities
✜To help advance the game play of newbros or those looking to get into pvp.
✜To advance our skills in pvp
✜To get rich

What is expected of you?

✜Be around for timers and home defense
✜Use Pathfinder and follow corp bookmark procedures
✜Have discord open for rapid responses
✜Be decent to fellow corp members
✜Ask for help if you need it!

word from the ceo

We are not a crab beae corp, but a PvP corp. It is expected that we will take fights, and sometimes lose them. If you enjoy a good scrap then look us up!

Our industry facilities provide a myriad of ways to get space rich enough to go buy nice ships to die in a fire in. There are slight taxes on our sevices but this is only used to pay for fuel. The more people that use them, the lower the taxes will be. Any extra taxed isk goes right into srp! Even my own isk.

Shoot me a message if interested!

~join requiements~
5mil sp if omega. 500k sp if alpha

✜ Must be an omega able to fly a prototype cloak on any t1 frigate. Prefer covert ops skills.

✜ Not a requirement but shipping doctrine is armor based

✜ Voice comms on discord. Must at least be able to listen to comms.

If you want to chat with us check out our discord!

Still open for recruitment.

We are still open for recruitment.

Recruitment is still open.

Update: We moved to a C2 with a C3/HS Static. We are eager for you to join us!

Also redefining the corp a little to give people a better idea of what we do.

Recruitment is never ending.

Still recruiting

Can i get a link to the discord channel?

Should be at the bottom of the post.

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