Lunar Industrial Symmetry Needs You C2[HS/C3] US/EU TZ

LUNDS is RL friendly and centered around building a mature community of pilots who work together to achieve our shared goals. At LUNDS we don’t believe in a rich corp, we believe in rich corp members! We are in this for the long haul, those with short attention spans should not apply. We aren’t in a hurry to bring in lots of pilots! We want to recruit the right pilots for our community.

What We Can Provide:

  • A Learning Environment for new players teaching you how to make isk and teaching you the ropes of pvp, pve and industry.

  • Infrastructure to help you do industry, reactions, and just overall participate in wormhole activities.

  • A community that is willing to help you in any way they can so that you will succeed.

  • Buyback for Ore, Planetary Interaction, Gas, and Ice.

About Us:

We are living in a C2 wormhole and are looking to expand our community. We are looking for more mature players who are drama adverse and are looking to help build a good environment for new and veteran players.

Ideal Candidates Will Be:

  • A willingness to learn

  • Be omega or have a plan to get there

  • Be Mature (No Drama)

  • Interested in contributing your time, energy, and ideas to our team

  • Have Discord / A microphone

  • Be willing to run a seat background check (You can delete your token through our seat if you decide to leave)

Join our in-game channel ‘LunaGoo’ or send me a DM here for more information!

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