Lunar Industrial Symmetry - C2 WH Corp w/ PvP Focus [USTZ]

Lunar Industrial Symmetry - C2 WH Corp w/ Small Gang PvP Focus
LUNDS is RL Friendly and centered around building a mature community of pilots who work together to achieve our shared goals. At LUNDS we don’t believe in a rich corp, we believe in rich members! We are in this for the long haul, those with short attention spans should not apply. We are not in a hurry to bring in lots of pilots. We want to recruit the right pilots for our community.

What We Can Provide:

  • A Learning Environment for new players teaching you how to make ISK and teaching you the ropes of PvP, PvE and Industry.
  • Infrastructure to help you do industry, reactions, and just overall participate in wormhole activities.
  • A community that is willing to help you in any way they can so that you will succeed.
  • Buyback for Ore, Planetary Interaction, Gas, and Ice.

About Us:
We are living in a C2 Wormhole w/ a C3 & HS static and are looking to expand our community. We are looking for more mature players who are drama adverse and are looking to help build a good environment for new and veteran players. Our primary focus is building a small gang PvP group with ISK making opportunities in the WH.

Ideal Candidates:

  • A willingness to learn
  • Omega or a plan to get there
  • Be Mature (No Drama)
  • Interested in contributing your time, energy, and ideas to our team
  • Have Discord
  • Be willing to run a SeAT background check (You can delete your token through our seat if you decide to leave).

Join our in-game channel ‘LunaGoo’ or send me a DM for more information!

Discord: Lunar Industrial Symmetry

A Bump for a great corp with great leaders!

Bump! Hop in and chat with us!

Bump. Still have plenty of vacancies to fill!

Bump! Starting to open recruitment some more! Stop in and have a chat!


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