Lunar Industrial - Looking for Indy and PvP pilots!

(Shadovin Intrepidus) #1

Lunar Industrial is an Industrial corporation with a PvP slant. Don’t bother looking at the KB because we are just getting into the PvP thing and we are looking for all sorts of active pilots!

We are a RL friendly organizatrion with infrastructure in both Wormhole space and Nullsec.

With us, you can expect to enjoy:
Small Scale roaming
Sovereignty defense fleets
And an array of training opportunities in PvP and PvE

We currently have pilots who are active in US and EU time zones and we are apart of an alliance with similar times for game play.

Hit us up for more, in our Pub Channel: LunaGoo

BG checks that include API are required.

(Dallas en Welle) #2

EU TZ Bump.

Come join our team. We are looking for like-minded pilots who want to build a future in null sec!

(Dallas en Welle) #3

It’s Saturday Morning!

Come out and join a corp of like minded mature pilots. We have lots of opportunities to make ISK and more importantly make a difference!

(Dallas en Welle) #4

Sunday Morning Bump!

Come out and make a difference! Join ‘LunaGoo’ chat for more information!

(Dallas en Welle) #5

To The Top!

Are you interested in learning to FC? Building doctrines and taking people out to pew pew pew? We need you!

If you just want to mine or rat, that’s ok too!

Join ‘LunaGoo’ chat room today!

(Dallas en Welle) #6

Join! Now! Please!

No seriously, we are looking to expand our ranks with link minded mature pilots.

Join ‘LunaGoo’ and lets chat.

(Dallas en Welle) #7

We are online right now!

Come check us out.

Join ‘LunaGoo’ for more info!

(Dallas en Welle) #8

We are having a great time out in null sec! Come join us, we need indy and pvp pilots!

Are you a budding FC PvP Warrior? Come join us and lets get some fleets going!

Join "LunaGoo’ for more info!